#1 What does 人 mean?

Hello everyone it's Kushi.

It's said that kanji is one of the biggest difficulties in learning Japanese.

Many people give up because of it.

It's a pity to me, because kanji is not all of Japanese.

The unique grammar.

The rich expression.

The shortness of sentences.

Japanese is beautiful and it's must be interesting to study Japanese.

You can learn Kanji little by little, as Japanese children do.

Even adults don't know all kanji.

Kanji has no limit.

Don't hurry, have fun!

This reads Hito or Nin
It means a man.

1. That man...あの人/ano hito/

2. Human being...人げん/ningen/

3. People...人人/hitobito/
→Actually, when we write a same word twice, like 人人, we write 人々

4. A town without people...人がいない町/hito ga inai machi/
→you don't have to always translate "people" into "人々"
→いない is a positive form of いる, which means to exist
→町 reads Machi and means a town or a city.

5. The number of people...人数/ninzū/
→数 means a number

6. I saw the man...私はその人を見た /watashi wa sono hito o mita/
→私 means "I"
→見た is a past form of 見る, which means to see
→その means the or that .

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