#3 What does 入 mean?


Reads Hai-ru (入る), nyū
Means to enter

It looks similar to 人, which means a man.


1. I enter the house
/watashi wa sono ie ni hai-ru/
→私は means "I"
→家 means "a house"
→その家に means "to the house"

2. I got the ticket
/sono chiketto o nyūshu shita/
→The word チケット is made from "ticket", so we use katakana
→手 means a hand. So 入手 means like "to enter hands"
→した is a past form of する, which means to do.

3. It's too narrow to enter
/semakute hai-renai/
→せまい means being narrow
→入る means to enter. 入れる means "be able to enter". 入れない means "not be able to enter"

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