#4 What do 木・林・森 mean??

Hello, everyone.
How are you?

It's kÜshi.

Do you have fun to study kanji
and Japanese?

Recently I realized that I should
do something to make it exciting
to study kanji and Japanese.

And then I'm trying to make
funny example sentences.

So sometimes you can find
crazy sentences.

Craziness sometimes helps
you in difficulties.

Having fun is everything!!

Don't forget that!

I tell you one of the good ways
to study here.

1. You read the English and
Japanese carefully.

2. You copy the Japanese sentence
on paper.

3. You read the explanations
written below while you see
the Japanese sentence on
the paper.

I believe this is the best way.

Today you'll study three Kanji: 木・林・森

Look at them carefully.

They all are made up of 木

So 林 and 森 are related to 木.

This is what kanji is interesting, isn't it??

Reads: ki, moku
Means: a tree

1. He is sleeping under the tree
/kare wa ki no shita de nete iru/
→彼は means "he"
→下(shita) means under.
→ねている is a progressive form of ねる, which means to sleep

2. Don't climb the tree
/sono ki ni noboru na/
→のぼる means to climb
→な means to prohibit

3. I'm going there on Tuesday
...木ようび そこに行く
/mokuyōbi soko ni iku/
→ Tuesday doesn't have anything with a tree but we call it 木ようび for no reason.
→そこに means there
→行く/iku/ means to go
→If you just say 行く, it means like "be going to"
You don't have to change the verb.
This is a unique grammar to Japanese.

Both mean forest in English.
But in Japanese, they're different.
What do you think are they different?

It's easy to answer.
森(mori) has more 木 than 林(hayashi) does.

So 森 is much larger and is very mysterious to us.
It has dark and is afraid.
In stories for children, witches live in 森, not (never) 林

I think 林 is much more familiar and close.
Witches never appear there XD.

1. I walk in a forest
/watashi wa morio aruku/
→Wow, I might not go back home forever!
→私は(watashi wa) means I
→あるく means to walk

2. I walk in a forest
/watashi wa hayashi o aruku/
→Oh sounds good!

I found the biggest difference between them now!
森 has always little sunshine and is dark and wet because of the too many trees.
林 has enough sunshine and is always noon and warm.
This is just my image.
I like 森 though.

Thank you so much for coming to my lesson!!
I'll help you study Japanese forever!
I'm very glad if you send me a message!
See you next time~

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