#5 What does 見る mean?

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Today's kanji is 見

Reads: mi-ru (見-る)
Means: to see, to watch, to look

1. I saw him yesterday
...私は 彼を きのう 見た
/watashi wa kare o kinō mi-ta/

→私は means I
→彼は means he
→彼を means him
→きのう means yesterday
("today" is きょう and "tomorrow" is あした, by the way)
→見た is a past form of 見る

This example is difficult to understand XD
2. I went to watch the football game
...私は サッカーの しあいを 見に行った
/watashi wa sakkā no shiai o mi-ni i-tta/

→サッカー means football. The word is made from soccer, so we use katakana
→しあい(shiai) means a game
→サッカーのしあい means a football game
→行った(i-tta) is a past form of 行く, which means to go.
→ If 見る has a verb after it, 見る changes to 見に
→So 見に行く means "to go to watch", and 見に行った means "went to watch"

3. Look at me!!
/watashi o mi-ro/

→私を meams me
→見ろ is a imperative form of 見る

4. Look at that!
/are o mi-ro/

→あれ means "that"

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