#6 What does 大きい mean?

Today's kanji is 大

Read: dai, oo-kii (大きい)
Mean: big

1. A big tree
/oo-kii ki/

2. Are you ok? -Yes, I'm ok
...大じょうぶ?- うん、大じょうぶ
/Daijoubu?/- /un, daijoubu/

→In this case, 大 doesn't mean "big". But 大じょうぶ is often used, so I introduce it. If you want to write it with kanji all, it's 大丈夫
→うん means yes, and it's more casual than はい/hai/

3. I'm afraid of big animals
...私は大きい どうぶつ が怖い
/Watashi wa oo-kii doubutsu ga kowai/

→私は means I
→怖い/kowai/ means "afraid"
→どうぶつ/doubutsu/ means an animal. If you want to write it with kanji, it's 動物. 動 means to move. 物 means a creature.

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