#9 What does 月mean?

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Today's kanji is 月

Reads: tsuki, getsu, gatsu
Means: moon, month

1. I like watching the moon
/Watashi wa tsuki o mi-ru koto ga su-ki/

👉私は means "I"

👉見ること is a noun of the verb 見る/mi-ru/, which means to see
こと makes a verb to be a noun.

👉好き/su-ki/ means to like

2. We meet on next Monday, right?
...次の月ようび に会うのね?
/Tsugi no getsu-youbi ni a-u no ne/

👉次/tsugi/ means next

👉月ようび/getsu-youbi/ means Monday.
In this case, 月 doesn't mean the moon.
But we say 月ようび for no reason.

👉会う/a-u/means to meet or to see

👉のね?/no ne/ means like "~, right?"

3. I'll be 14 in August
/Watashi wa hachi-gatsu ni juuyon-sai ni naru/

👉8 reads hachi

👉月 is read "gatsu" only when it's used like 1月, 2月, 3月, and ao on

👉なる means to become

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