#10 What do 文・字 mean?

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So today's kanji are 文 and 字

Reads: bun
Means: a sentence


1. A short and easy sentence
...短くて かんたんな 文
/Mijika-ku te kantan na bun/

👉短い(mijika-i), which means short, changes to 短く when it has other verbs, adjectives, and て
In this case, this て means "and"

👉かんたんな means easy

2 . Make a sentence in Japanese
/Nihon go de bun o tsukuri nasai/

👉日本(にほん, nihon) means Japan and Japanese

👉語(ご, go) means a language

So 日本語 means Japanese language

👉で means "by"
Ex. バスで means "by bus"

👉つくりなさい is a imperative and (a little) polite form of つくる, which means to make.

If you want make just a imperative form (not polite), you can say つくれ(tsukure), but this sounds very harsh.

Reads: ji
Means: a letter( like ABCDEF...), not the way to contact with others.


1. A beautiful letter
/Kirei na ji/

👉きれいな means beautiful

2. I write the letter, あ
/A toiu ji o kaku/

👉という means "to be called"
For example, "the dog called Tom" meams "トムという犬"

犬 is a dog.

👉かく means to write

You can also write 文字(もじ, moji. I don't know why this isn't bunji) as the meaning of 字.

Then you'll ask me the difference between 字 and 文字.

Well... actually, I can find no difference XD

You can use whatever you like👍

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