#14 What does 店 mean?

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So today's kanji is 店

Reads: mise
Means: shop, store


1. Is this a shop?
/Kore wa mise/

👉これ means "this"

2. I went to the store to buy
a book.
/Hon o ka-u tame ni mise ni i-tta/

Oh.. there are many kanji.

👉本/ほん, hon/ means a book

👉買う/かう, ka-u/ means to buy

👉買うために means like "I do it TO BUY"
For example,
"I go there TO SEE it" means like
"それ(it)を 見るために(TO SEE) そこに(there)
行く(to go)"

👉行った/いった,i-tta/ is a past form of 行く,
which means to go

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