#15 What does 赤 mean?

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So, today's kanji is 赤

This is one of the colors.

It's difficult to image what they mean by
seeing the kanji.

So all you have to do is get used to them by
practicing with rich examples.

Reads: aka
Means: red


1. My car is red
...私 の 車 は 赤
/watashi no kuruma wa aka/

👉私の(わたしの, watashi no) means

私の車 means "my car"
私の父(chichi, father) means "my father"
彼(kare, he)の兄(ani, brother) means
"his brother"

It's easy ^^

👉車(くるま, kuruma) means a car

2. The leaves turn red
/ha-ga aka-kunaru/

👉葉(は, ha) means leaf

👉赤くなる(あか-くなる aka-kunaru)
means " to turn red"

For example,
"the sky turns red" is
空(sora, sky)が 赤くなる

3. He gets angry
/kare-wa kao-o aka-ku suru/

👉彼は(kare-wa) means he

👉顔(かお, kao) means a face

👉赤くする means "to make something red"
「する」means "to do"

If you translate "彼は顔を赤くする" into
japanese, it'll be "he makes his face red"

This is one of Japanese idioms.

If you get angry, your face would be full
with blood, you know.

So your face would be red.

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