#16 What does 青 mean?

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Today's kanji is 青

This is one of colors.

It's hard to image the meaning

by seeing it.

So remember it with all your heart!!

Reads: ao
Means: blue


1. I have a blue car
/Watashi-wa ao-i kuruma-o mo-tte iru/

👉私は(わたしは, watashi-wa) means "I"

👉青い(あおい, ao-i) is a adjective form of
青(あお, ao)

👉車(くるま, kuruma) means a car.

👉持っている(もっている, mo-tte iru) is
a progressive form of 持つ(もつ, motsu),
which means "to have"

For example,

(Normal one
→ progressive one)

たべる(taberu, to eat)
→たべている(tabete iru)

つくる(tsukuru, to make)
→つくっている(tsukutte iru)

走る(hashiru, to run)
→走っている(hashi-tte iru)

見る(mi-ru, to see)
→見ている(mi-te iru)

切る(ki-ru, to cut)
→切っている(ki-tte iru)

Unfortunately, there's no theory.

Get used to it with your love for
Japanese haha.

2. A blue face( to be pale)
/Ao-zameta kao/

👉青ざめた is used only like

For example,
"He gets pale" is
/Kare-wa ao-zamete iru/

青ざめている is a progressive form

of 青ざめた as you learned above.

👉顔(かお, kao) means a face.

3. Blue sky.
/Ao-i sora/

👉空(そら, sora) means sky.

You can say it 青空/aoZora/, too.

There's no difference between

青い空 and 青空.

This is one of features of Japanese

For example,

A little bird

小さい(ちいさい, chii-sai) meams little
鳥(とり, tori) means a bird

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