#18 What does 血 mean?

Hello, everyone.
How are you?

It's kÜshi.

Do you have fun to study kanji
and Japanese?

Having fun is everything!

And then I thought that I should
make funny example sentences
so that you can have fun much more.

Let me know what you think about this
idea in the comment!!

So today's kanji is 血

Reads: chi
Means: blood


1. Is this blood? -No. This is soy sauce.
...これは血?- いいえ。これは しょうゆ です
/Kore wa chi- iie. Kore wa shouyu desu/

👉これ means "this"
cf. あれ(Are) means "that"

👉いいえ means "no, it's not"

👉しょうゆ means soy sauce.

👉です(desu) is a police form of だ(da),
which makes sentences predicative.

For example,
"I'm a student" means

/Watashi-wa gakusei da/


/Watashi-wa gakusei desu/

The second one is more polite.

→学生(がくせい, gakusei) means a

2. You bleed from your mouth.
- That's ok. This is just soy sauce.

- 大丈夫。ただのしょうゆ です。

/Kuchi-kara chi ga de-teru
- Daijoubu, tada no shouyu desu/

👉口(くち, kuchi) means a mouth

👉出てる is a progressive form of 出る,
which means "to get out" and "to leave"

For example,
"I leave home now" means

/Ima ie o de-ru/

→今 means now

→家 means a house

👉大丈夫(だいじょうぶ, daijoubu)
means "that's ok" and "don't worry"

👉ただ(tada) means "just"

If you put a noun after it, you change
it to ただの(tada no).

For example,

"I just want to sleep" means

/Tada netai/

→ねる means to sleep.
And if you put "want to", it changes
to "ねたい"

👉しょうゆ(shouyu) is soy sauce.

.. It must be very red.. XD

So, that's all today.

Thank you for coming here.

I'm glad if I could help you study
kanji and Japanese!

See you next time~