#19 What does 皿 mean?

Hello, everyone.
How are you?

It's kÜshi.

Do you have fun to study kanji and

I realized that I should make some
efforts to make studying Japanese
exciting for you.

And I've been trying to make crazy
example sentences.

Having fun is everything.

I hope this idea is successful!!

So today's kanji is 皿

Reads: sara
Means: a dish


🔴1. Good morning, Yuuya. Do you like
/Ohayou, yuuya. Sara wa su-ki/

👉おはよう means good morning!
If you make it polite, you say

👉ゆうや is a boy's name

👉好き (su-ki) means to like.
You'll ask me why it's not 皿を好き,
like 皿を洗う(sara o ara-u), which means
"to wash dishes"

Actually, 好き is a special word.

Generally, を is put before an objective

For example,

○I wash the dishes
/sara O ara-u/

→洗う(あらう, ara-u) means to wash

○I eat meat
/niku O taberu/

→肉(にく, niku) is meat.

○I watch the bird
/tori O mi-ru/

→とりmeams a bird

→見る means to see

If you change the berbs to 好き,
they'll be these:

○I like the dishes
/sara GA suki/

○I like meat
/niku GA suki/

○I like birds
/tori GA suki/

As you know, 好き is a special verb.

🔴2. He gives names to his all dishes.
See? This is AlexanderⅡ


/Kare wa kare ga mo-tteiru sube-te no
sara ni namae o tsukete iru.
Hora, kore ga Arekisandaa ni-sei da/

👉彼(かれ, kare) meams he

👉持っている(mo-tteiru) is a progressive
form of 持つ(mo-tsu), which means to have.

👉全て(sube-te) means "all"
If you put a noun after it, 全て
changes to 全ての(sube-te no)

👉名前(namae) means a name.
See, namae and name...
Look similar!!
This is a miracle!

👉つけている (tsukete iru) is a
progressive form of つける(tsukeru),
which means to attach.

If you say 名前をつける, it meams
to name.

👉ほら(hora) means like "see?"
and "look!"

👉これ means "this"
And これが means "this is"

This is katakana.

This is used only like アレキサンダー2世

So, that's all today.

Thank you for coming here!

I hope this helps you a lot!

See you next time~~

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