#20 What does 水 mean?

Hello, everyone.
How are you?

It's kÜshi.

Do you have fun to study kanji
and Japanese?

Recently I realized that I should
do something to it exciting to
study Japanese.

And then I'm trying to make
funny example sentences.

Craziness sometimes help
you in difficulties.

Having fun is everything!!

Don't forget that!

I tell you one of the good ways
to study here.

1. You read the English and
Japanese carefully.

2. You copy the Japanese sentence
on paper.

3. You read the explanations
written below while you see
the Japanese sentence on
the paper.

This is the best way, I think.

So, today's kanji is 水

Reads: mizu
Means: water


🔴1. Would you like to drink something?
- What kinds of drinks do you have?
- We have coffee, tea, orange juice,
apple juice.
- Hm, water please.

- 何がありますか?

/nani-ka no-mi-mono wa irimasuka/
- /nani-ga arimasu ka/
- /koohii, o-cha, mikan juusu,
ringo juusu ga arimasu/
- /etto, mizu o onegai shimasu/

👉何か(なにか, nani-ka) means

👉飲み物(のみもの, no-mi-mono)
means something to drink.

飲む means to drink.
And 物 means a stuff.

This is a polite and interrogative form
of いる, which means "to need"

Polite form: いります

If you want to make interrogative form,
put か at the end of the word.

Interrogative form: いるか

Polite and interrogative form: いりますか

How easy it is!

👉何が(なにが, nani-ga) means "what"


This is a polite and interrogative form
of ある, which means"to exist" and
"to have"

Polite form: あります

Interrogative form: あるか

Polite and interrogative form: ありますか

This is written with katakana because
the word is made after coffee.

This is written with katakana for the
same reason.

👉お茶(おちゃ, o-cha) is tea

This is like "well.." and "hmm"
used when you don't know what to say.

This means like "yes please"