#32 What does 夏 mean?

2018. 11. 21

Hello everyone.
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It's kÜshi.

🔴I help you study kanji and Japanese
by making example sentences with

And then I explain the grammars and
all the kanji which are used in the

🔴I realized that I should make useful
sentences so that you can learn kanii
with very natural Japanese which we
usually use, not formal ones.

🔴The method to study here.

I always make very natural sentences,
so they are sometimes difficult to

But don't worry. I explain everything in

So this is one of the best methods to
study here.

1. Copy the sentences on paper

2. Read aloud the sentence while
looking it.

3. Read the explanations.

I hope this helps you a lot!

So today's kanji is 夏

Reads: natsu
Means: summer

How to write 夏👇



1. I like summer because it's fun to
swim in the sea.

/umi de oyo-gu no ga tano-shii kara
natsu ga su-ki/

It's a little long sentence, but not so
difficult to understand.

👉海(うみ, umi) means "sea"

👉海で(umi de) means "in the sea"

で meams like this...↑

For example,

家(いえ, ie)...house
→家で(ie de)...at home

日本(に-ほん, ni-hon)... Japan
日本で(ni-hon de)... In Japan

It's simple~

👉泳ぐの(およ-ぐの, oyo-gu no)

You can make two parts: 泳ぐ and の.

泳ぐ(およぐ, oyo-gu) means to swim.

And if you put のafter verbs, you can make
them noun.

So 泳ぐの means "swimming"

It's so easy, isn't it??

For example,

・I like to eat
/ta-beru no ga su-ki/

→食べる(ta-beru) menas to eat.

→好き(su-ki) means to like.

・I like to sleep
/ne-ru no ga su-ki/

→寝る means to sleep

・I like to draw a picture
/e o ka-ku no ga su-ki/

→絵 meams a picture

→描く means to draw

It's simple.

So 泳ぐのが楽しい means

"It's fun to swim".

👉楽しい(たのしい, tano-shii) meams

👉楽しいから(tano-shii kara) means
"because it's fun"

If you put からafter a sentence, you can
make a sentence like "because~"


1. It's hot today
/kyou wa atsu-i/

Try to make like "because ....."


/kyou wa atsu-i kara/

This means "because it's hot today" so

it's not a perfect sentence, but I just

wanted you to practice how to make


By the way, 今日(kyou) means "today"

And 暑い(atsu-i) means "hot"

So 泳ぐのが楽しいから menas

"Because it's fun to swim" ok?

👉夏が好き(natsu ga su-ki)

It's simple. It means "I like summer"

If you say "I like ....", you say "......が好き"

For example,

・I like meat
/niku ga su-ki/

→肉 means "meat"

・I like dogs
/inu ga su-ki/

→犬 means " dog"

That's easy.

So 海で泳ぐのが楽しいから means

"Because it's fun to swim in the sea"

And 夏が好きmeans

"I like summer"

So 海で泳ぐのが楽しいから夏が好き

means "I like summer because it's fun to
swim in the sea"

So that's all today.

Thank you so much for reading!

If you have any questions, ask me without
any hesitation!

I hope this helps you a lot.

See you next time~~